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Identify & Create a Better World

Identifying the right people, corporations, associations, non-profits and movements that are creating a better world. Where our economy should focus!

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Mother Earth Business

Mother Earth’s Business is unique in many ways. OUR VISION is To Achieve Universal Generosity Regarding Mutual Needs.

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Welcome to our Amazing website!


EconoGeo and Mother Earth’s Business is “THE GOOD, KIND and GREEN MAP”


To be a member on the map you must respect The 3 rules;


Now share those Mother Earth’s Business stars activities you are doing. (Not obligatory)

4. PERCENTAGE OF YOUR PRODUCT IS MADE LOCAL (Select %and what country)
5. Environmentally Friendly &/or Human and Animal Cruelty Free &/or the four R’s (Reduce. Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose )(with a Video)
Here we will also invite you to integrate up to 5 images of your products you do not wish to repurpose yourself
but are available to the public, preferably free of charge, to an entity that can give them second life.

To subscribe go to this link;

I’m solely proprietor and this lovely gathering success relies only on my and the members financial contributions.  This website and activities are not without cost, Any contribution given is greatly appreciated and to your benefit. – Catherine Ayotte founder and ceo.

p.s. You can click directly on the map, members have not yet completed their profile so the search engine is not as its best Yet! 🙂

This map is for the good people, the ones who want and envision a different world. To the Loving rebels that do not want to see Human, animal or environmental cruelty. The ones uplifting their own group or a group of good valued members believing in better ways. To those that want to raise their voices so things can change. Let’s push the human race forward. Let’s identify the better world, explore uplifting products and services, create binds, relationships, and heal the wounded.

Imagine a world-wide map working only to inspire for better days. Let’s get crazy together and change our realities.   Let’s move away from the black negatives that are created by the selfish powerful or otherwise. Let’s be generous with our hearts, let’s wake-up the green renaissance movement and revolution by identifying what is part of the better vision. This is the mega dream we’ve been missing.
A global map gathering the masses for the good of humanity.

This is going to make a difference in your life and so many others. Would you join and spread the word? The impact is so potentially big. This is what my heart is saying will bind us together.
Our core set of values, our isolation needs to be knocked down. Raise your voice for the voiceless. One small step at a time! There is nothing wrong with your believing in a much better world.
You are not alone! Together we can succeed, divided we will fail. Motivation is not enough! We must build a sense of community, a sense of belonging “together”. We have the ability to choose our consumption only if we know our possibilities and those are endless.

Now, will you stand for the tools needed to create better access to who we are so we can all work together? Participate in creating allies to accelerate the process for a greener, kinder economy.
Let’s magnify our reach and impact faster so we can better empower and facilitate the goal of a peaceful revolution. We serve the role and purpose with what EconoGeo is creating.

Our greatest opportunities for impact lies not just in connecting corporations, non-profits, movements, groups to us and our ideas, but also in creating a safer place where people can connect
while supporting each other in the quest to take the sustained actions that leads to profound change.

Ask for Large groups and Associations to join, we invite you to use our website to unite your community and take your members under your corporate “wing”. All for one, One for all.

Let’s turn the economy in the right places! Join and invite now, Mother Earth needs you

We are so pleased to identify the good people, groups, movements, corporations, associations, non-profits and movements that are creating a better world.
Where our economy should focus!

EconoGeo is promoting good values such as those that go out of their way to uplift Mother Earth’s Business.

This website is intended to be an outlet from which consumers can rely on for information allowing said consumer to make a more informed decision toward their purchases.

Large groups and Associations, we invite you to use our website to unite your community and take your members under your corporate “wing”.

Mother Earths Business helps non-profit organizations, encourages collective vitality, supports sustainability and rewards corporations for reaching their full potential through a unique and innovative  5 stars system.  Annually there are Local, National and International prizes designed for the people that are truly making a difference on this planet. Also inspire and promote youth to start their own businesses.

Mother Earths Business has Awards; such as BEST GREEN BUSINESS, OR BEST COMMUNITY IMPACT etc. These are achievements that when known to the world via our website will have a very positive impact on the companies social image therefore, effectively improving their bottom line. By honoring these entrepreneurs, we hope to :   – Advance their business and personal network, provide significant profile and visibility for them and their businesses – Increase the number of role models and mentors for all entrepreneurs.

“Forbes magazine says on the most reputable companies “when you make a decision to choose one brand over another, you’re influenced more by the company’s reputation than by any particular product or services it offers.”

We invite the general public to visit us on a weekly basis, to experience a clearer vision and to be better informed in order to adapt to your communities ever changing desires and needs. Find out what’s looking good in your area, browse the different categories for improvement trends, where you can say “This is the kind of corporation I want to encourage because these corporations are making my world a better place.”

Also, if you are seeking part time work from your home, we invite you to join our dynamic gathering team.

The content of this website is subject to copyright of EconoGeo corp. All rights are reserved. The contents of this website cannot be copied, either wholly or partially, reproduced, transferred, loaded in any way without the prior written consent of EconoGeo. Brand names and logos appearing on this website are the property of EconoGeo and/or the companies mentioned on the site itself. They can not be used on any internet site without the prior written consent of the company which owns them. All In exception of marketing our services.

No animal, human or environmental cruelty accepted on this site.

If you wish to contact us for any reason here is where you may do so please visit our facebook pages;

Here are some important points

  • We want to be trusted for many years. YOU will make it safe and show quality content that family members of all ages can enjoy.
  • YOU will not use EconoGeo if you are mistreating any living entity.
  • YOU will not participate if you create Dangerous explosives, weapons, chemical or any other Dangerous Product or Services.

For more info about Mother Earth’s Business activities see our facebook page at ;

and here is EconoGeo’s page for contacting us;


Thank you

Catherine Ayotte, President CEO
International Peace Ambassador

(514) 922-0804

Visit Mother Earth’s Business page or go straight to the top right corner and register. We look forward to seeing you!

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